Investment Advisory

With years of experience, Mega Equity has earned a reputation for trust and superior client management. At Mega Equity, our clients have access to certified investment advisors with expertise from domestic investments to international investment opportunities. We integrate traditional brokerage and advisory services into a single client solution while offering ready access to your personal investment advisor. The Mega Equity team has the experience to address the different needs of our clients and help them move closer to their financial goals.

For investors seeking to grow assets , generate income and meet investment goals, an investment strategy is essential; our Private Client Investment Service addresses the most common concerns investors have:

  • Will a government pension or provident fund be enough to maintain a quality retirement lifestyle?,
  • How can I save for education funding?,
  • Meeting short-term goals i.e. new house, boat etc.,
  • Leaving behind a financial Legacy to family members

Through a structured investment process, Mega Equity can help you to create and maintain an investment strategy that can combine a long-term perspective.