Mega Equity can act as a non-discretionary sub advisor to investment managers of equity funds. We can offer daily monitoring of positions and the provision of specific buy and sell recommendations.

Our sub-advisory services are available to:

  • Provident funds
  • Fund Mangers
  • Private Wealth Managers & Family Offices
  • Investment advisors
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial Service Companies


Mega Equity delivers a comprehensive and cost-competitive global Stock execution and settlement service through the leveraging of our exchange memberships via the HELEX Exchange, the owners of the Athens Stock Exchange.

HELEX, under its capacity as a (Issuer/Investor) CSD/Registry System, known as DSS (Dematerialized Securities System), is a transparent, direct-holding system, is a special purpose trusted institution in the Hellenic capital market, with its role regarding the provision of settlement and custody services for foreign securities provided by the Law3756/2009. Law 3756/09 allows HELEX to setup both direct and indirect links with CSDs in order to facilitate cross border trading: book entry of foreign securities in the Greek registry system (DSS) HELEX as Investor CSD (3)Legal Framework creation of account(s) within a foreign CSD or custodian to facilitate such role segregated accounts at the end-investor level within the DSS HELEX’s Investor CSD services provide clients with a safe one-stop keeping of their foreign securities investment portfolios, along with considerable cost savings in the long run. Thus, their safekeeping needs for foreign securities are fully covered, while they are fully protected against the default of any intermediaries.


Our FX and CFD setup has been designed to support Institutional order flow. High-end Clients, typically trading large sizes in single orders, can totally rely on the scalability and robustness of our FX and CFD solutions. We can handle multiple fills, in that we can sweep a large order through multiple levels into an FX Aggregator. As a result, Clients tend to get much better fills on large orders. Our setup also handles Limit Orders as genuine Limit Orders rather than waiting for the price to trigger and releasing a market order into the market. With Mega Equity every single one of our Clients’ orders are systematically Straight Through Processed to our Liquidity Providers on a "Fill or Fill" basis (i.e. no re-quotes) with both Positive and Negative Slippage enabled (i.e. no broker intervention on price improvement). Institutional or Broker Clients (i.e. seeking Institutional Liquidity) putting large Limit Orders into the system will systematically achieve better fills with Mega Equity.

Risk Disclosure

Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. As such they involve a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your invested capital. These products may not be suitable for all investors therefore before deciding to trade or invest, please ensure you understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary.